How to start a business with little or no investment…

How to start a business with little or no investment…

As the internet has broadened perspectives, money making has taken center stage. Many people, including stay-at-home parents and student, are looking for ways to earn money online. However, such expeditions may require an investment. We understand that many people don’t have this kind of money, especially for businesses like e-commerce. This is why I have chosen to bring some of the best online business ideas that require minimal investment to you. 

What do you need to make a head start?

Well, there are many ways to start a business with little or no money at all, but I am going to talk about these five ways for now. Be patient with me.   

1.) The cool way to make instant cash if you have a Car, Bike, or Scooter is with this industry

If you are looking to make your own schedule outside the 9 am to 5 pm, then Uber is the way to go. They have different options for making money. You could do Uber drive where you pick up people and drop them to their various locations or You can do Uber Eat. Pick food from local restaurants within your area and deliver to customers. It is as simple as that.
You are your own boss, you work at your own pace and schedule. You determine how much you want to make each day without any pressure.
If you are good at multitasking and willing to Think  Outside The Box; you will earn cash fast.

How does it work

  • Sign up with Uber driver.
  • Make your schedule, determine when to drive and how much to make for each day or week and work towards your target.
  • When ready, turn on your app begin accepting delivery requests. You are ready to start earning income.

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Drop shipping help people to reach their desired products. In effect, you are acting as the middleman, helping direct customers to a particular product or promote certain products.

In this case, you don’t have to delve into all the purchasing and delivering process. Instead, you act as one of the advertisers. In turn, the site pays you for your services. It can be difficult at the beginning, particularly choosing which product to promote, but with perseverance and hard work, you could be generating good money.


Perhaps the latest sensation in the internet world is YouTube. It’s really surprising how the video content has taken off and now everybody is watching it online. How about owning a YouTube Channel? YouTube offers a fair share of its earnings to its content makers like you.

It does not cost much to start your own. Yes, perhaps, you do need a good camera for beginners. However, with some good editing and interesting content, you are out there with a definite bang! YouTube also generates revenues via ads, so you need to keep your content exclusive and avoid any plagiarism or make your content authentic. This will help gain more views, a more popular channel, and ultimately higher revenues.

For information on how to create a YouTube channel, click here.


Have you considered getting rid of what you have to gain what you need? Well, a lot of us do fail to utilize this type of opportunity, especially when it comes to business. One of the ways you can get rid of your unwanted things and make money with it is through…

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Exchange your unwanted stuff with money


You will never believe how much you can realize from having a yard sale. Someone told me how much he made out of his unwanted stuff and I was shocked.  He was looking into opening a new set of business but does not have enough money to start. So he relied on his yard sales, which paid off at last.

I tell you, if you are in this position, money is not and will never be a hindrance. Try getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need. So many of us have a lot of things we don’t need yet we can’t let go. Why? Have a change of mind you will see a great difference.

Without a doubt, I believe organizing yard sales at the front of your house will go a long way to give you that extra boost that you need to move forward financially. So let’s do it.


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Crafting made easy

Could it be that you are good at crafting or maybe something else? This is definitely another way you can generate income. You can simply earn money by selling your creativity. In this case, you will require setting up an online store from home using an e-commerce website where you can put up your things for sale. Check my other blog post for more tips on how to make money using your talent.

Of course, you will have to invest a little in the E-commerce website.

A great site to start with e-commerce is Shopify, it allows you to create a small storefront for your business and start generating income. What is better than your very own space to start selling?

So, once you are ready, set up your website with Shopify. Test drive for 14 days before picking your plan. Then, put up your things on display and start a whole new business. Simple! 

This is just to give you some of the ways that you can start generating money online without spending too much. 

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Article written by Dorothy

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