World Ventures Review- Scam/Legit?

World Ventures Review- Scam/Legit?

Name:                World Ventures (WV)
Owner:               Wayne Nugent.
Overall Rank:    AAA+ by The Business For Home.
PRODUCT:        DreamTrips.

Traveling these days can be stressful and expensive, especially when planning to travel with families and large group. Don’t worry! World Ventures is here to take care of business for you. The company is designed to eliminate the stress and cost associated with travels. The company offer’s membership to customers to purchase discounted travel packages, including hotels, cruises, flights, car rental, limousine services, and many more in destinations around the world. This company has something for everyone at every level, however, if you are passionate about travels, this is definitely the way to go.

Three types of membership

World Ventures is able to offer members multiple choices that work for every lifestyle and budget. Members get the opportunity to choose which package is suitable for them. Let’s discuss the three choices.

Dream Trips. $149.99 – ($99.99 one time – $25/month)

This membership allows members to experience World Ventures travel opportunity, but it comes with limited benefit. The package gives members the opportunity to acquire points in a way of company’s loyalty program. This plan is exclusively available in the US only.

  1. DreamTrips Gold – $222.99 initial payment – $56.99/month

This package gives benefits to members on almost any budget. The benefits include:

  • 24/7  concierge.
  • DreamTrips Local (Dining programs). Earn travel point eating at your local restaurants.
  • Entertainment discounts like going to movies, go-kiting and things like that.Exclusive travels deals all year-round.
  • DreamTrips extras such as airport transfers, welcome receptions, hosts, excursions, and activities.
  • Airport parking and limousine service discount
  • Dream Trips online shopping where you can earn your vacation just shopping (Dream Trip Malls).
  • Net rate helps to negotiate

As an added advantage, if you get four people to join as a member and they remain active your monthly fee will be waived.

  1. DreamTrips Platinum – $379.99 One time payment – $99.99/month

This plan is the highest membership package. It gives all the benefits at the Gold Level, plus additional benefits like:

  • Up to Seven-day advance booking access to all DreamTrips
  • Emergency Evacuation Services
  • Trip-specific Upgrades on Many DreamTrips, such as resort credits, room upgrades, lift tickets, green fees, spa discounts, culinary classes and more
  • Ability to apply up to 50% more points to your trip.
  • Access to exclusive DreamTrips Platinum experiences and more.

To join as platinum, you will pay the $379.99 initial payment, and $99.99/ month, however, if you bring four others to join as a member, your monthly fee will be waived. You will never pay any fee again as long as your FOUR members remain ACTIVE.

The optional business side of World Ventures (One time $99.99 – $25/month)

You can be a member only and enjoy all the travel benefits including traveling anything day, week or months. However, if you want to make money with WV you have to be a representative which is optional.

To be a representative you pay a one time $99.99 and never pay that again, but, you do have to maintain a monthly fee of  $25 to be active. This is practically a license to sell the product to over 40 countries that are open and any other country ever opens in the future.

So you could be a member or a representative or both. The downside is that if you’re a member only and refer someone you will not get paid because you are not a representative or Therefore, for one to earn commissions you will have to be a distributor. DreamTrip Gold cost $222.99 one time payment, then $56.99/month to maintain the membership.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Cancel within 14 days and get a full money back.
  • Every dollar you give (membership fee) they give it back to you in a point form, and that can be applied towards your future dream trip to reduce travel cost.
  • In all three plans, if a person brings four others to join as a member the person’s monthly fee will be waived, and as long as you have four active members you will not pay any monthly fee again. The ability to visit new places you never dreamed of, and travel around the world on countless trips and for less which is awesome!
  • Families who couldn’t afford to travel and make memories with their loved ones at value prices can now do so with this company.
  • A great way to make new friends and go on vacation with other Happy friends
  • Refer 4 active customers and your monthly fee is waived, you will pay no more fee again.
  • Take family vacations at guaranteed lowest Member only pricing at 5 Star / 4 Diamond Resorts at 2-3 Star Pricing.
  • Fantastic leadership event, where members are able to learn personal development, relationships, and gain genuine life-changing topics that can help to kick start their business. Consistently focused on improving their products to provide the best member experience!
  • The membership comes with discounted trips with all the bells and whistles it promotes, including excursions, and stays in 4 and 5-star hotels.
  • Ability to earn points by just doing the things you do every day like… making purchases online, eating at your local restaurant, making purchases from local participating vendors, booking your trips and more.

The Bad

  • There are no carry-over points. For example, every membership fee, you pay each month, the company pays you back the money in a point form, which can be applied towards the next dream trip. However, if you do not use the point within that year, it will expire and you cannot carry it over.
  • Can’t apply all the reward points for one trip. Even though you earn reward points, but you are not allowed to use all the points at once. There is a percentage of points allocated for each trip. For instance: if you have 700 points in your account, you may be allowed to apply, 150 points, or 200 points, or 500 points depending on your trip. You can not apply all 700 points for one trip.
  • Only 14 days full money back guaranteed. I think 14 days is too shot to try the company out to see if it is for you or not.
  • It can be a little complicated and overwhelming at the beginning.

Tools & Training

  • WV has great tools for success, it does the explanations and it’s assessable 24 hours for all members.
  • The company provides members with Back Office Business Website, Online Training, and access to Sales and Marketing Tools and as World Ventures representatives.
  • The company is good at organizing a leadership event all around the world to train and equip members to be successful through personal development, and financial opportunity in World Ventures and much more training.


  • 24 hours Live Chart
  • A welcoming and supportive Community no matter your background, everyone is like one family.
  • Great tools to help you succeed, including Online tools, seminars, Leadership events all around the globe, One on one support, weekly webinars, etc.
  • Booking engine, customer support, and mentors that support you all the way.

Commission and Bonus

Members can earn huge commissions and bonuses if you work the work. As I mentioned earlier, the business side is not for everyone, however, if you join and truly work the work you can be successful. Some people do the business full time, while others do it part-time.

Rewards Program (Rewards Credits)

With the Dream Trip rewards program, members can earn rewards credit doing things they love doing anyway, things like shopping online (WV mall), booking a trip, eating at the local restaurants and much more. Points earned are equivalent to money. For example, one point is equivalent to one dollar and you can apply some of the points when booking your next trip. The program can save you some money, thereby reducing travel cost.

World Ventures foundations

World Ventures foundations offer the opportunity to create a positive impact for children all around the globe through VolunTour participation. This program promotes, happiness, health, safety and development of children across the world.

World Venture and Uber

This company recently partnered with Uber to bring vacation rentals more fun and fast across the globe. With the travel deals, members can also get Uber ride discount and save big.

My Final Opinion of World Ventures, LEGIT/NOT LEGIT

WV is a world leading and members only travel club. It is designed for people who desire to travel frequently, have fun, make money and meet new friends. If you are passionate about travel, this company is definitely for you.

 It is a legitimate company, with over 36 locations around the globe and  access to all five thousand plus trips hosted.

They have three memberships plans to choose from according to your needs and preferences. Though, you will pay a one-time initial membership fee plus a monthly fee depending on the plan.

Business with World Venture is optional

I sincerely believe that WV  business is not for everyone.
Can you make money with WV Yes, is it guarantees you will make more No! Because to make money you have to work the work. What you get is what you put. So, for some joining WV may be the best decision they ever made while the reverse may be the case in some.

To make money with this company, you have to take the time to develop your business, Utilize all the training tools to understand the business before venture making money. Without understanding the concept of the company and how to market this company, it is likely you will fail.

In my opinion, if you join World Ventures mainly to make money, it may not be a good idea, but if you join the company because you are passionate about travel, you love to explore the world, you like to make new friends and of course make money. Sure, this is for you. So with the DreamTrips you will be able to travel to as many countries as possible and you will be very excited to share your experiences with your friends and family, which can ultimately turn into a money making machine for you.

To be a member of WV CLICK HERE

To be a representative GET IT HERE

To see my #1 Recommended site for travel this decade, Go Here

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